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SEO How To Compress Javascript and css file

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SEO How To Compress Javascript and css file

SEO Compression Javascript and css file
SEO How To Compress  Javascript and css file
Last Update:24/may/2014

Why You need to Combine JS and  CSS File?

Suppose you have 5 js files , So when your pages visits Web browser will send 5 request .every request done by http and every request has a lot of info that repeated every time like ip source, session and so on.
So this will make load in Servers and network because these info need every time Processing Plus slow speed of requested page. also css do the same thing , also static icons which are repeated in every time page request increase time around load, So do these steps:-
  • Combine JavaScript files in one file if you can or reduce the number of files as you can.
  • Combine CSS files.
  • Combine Icons Image in one image and use position attribute in css to locate every icon.

How To Compress Javascript and css file?

After Combine Javascript files and CSS Files, Now it's time to compress.

What  is mean By compress js and css?

I mean remove unnecessary Spaces and empty lines in Javascript files,CSS files. So if you want to use Jquery package, so Use mini jquery libraries because are already compressed. 
It,s Important for seo to compress javascript and put all java script in one file if you can,or decrease the numbers of java files , not only for speed page load,also Spiders or Crawlers they consider the less http requests is best and give for this percent in rank.

You can use this for Compression or compact or put all files in one file this site will help you.

also for css Compression files.

SEO Compression Javascript and css file
SEO Compression Javascript and css file

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