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SEO tips 2 for facebook page Add Keywords

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SEO tips 2 for facebook page Add Keywords

How to Change Facebook Page Settings?

- Before adding  Keywords to Your Page,we need to edit settings to make your page public and appear when users like pages similar to your page.
- From your facebook page Scroll bar to down just little, there is hidden bar appear contain tab named Edit Page press it,it will drop menu choose Edit Settings then will take you to page similar to previous image.Start Editing Settings.

    • Page Visibility

    This will Publish  your Page,If you  have Page not ready you can changed to unpublished.

    • Posting Ability

    I Recommend To make ability to anyone,this help to spread your page.any posting by other can conflict your page just go to his profile and block him.

    • Post Targeting and Privacy

    Do not Turn It ,Because People love public post to see it and read it.

    • Messages

    Choose Allow people to contact my Page privately by showing the Message button,
    Because they will have two choice contact you Privately or Publicly by commenting.

    • Tagging Ability

    Choose Allow others to tag photos posted by SEO Arabian Expert, Because this Will lead Who Tagged and His Friends to your Images in Page.

    • Country Restrictions

    If you Page Focus in Specific Country or Market I Recommended to Put this Country for Example
    Show this Page For People From United States or North America or Middle East.
    others is Hiding this Page From these Countries.
    or do not it,just left it empty with no Restrictions.

    • Age Restrictions

    If you Have Restrictions Like Adult Content Page You Can Make Restrictions in age .

    • Profanity Filter

    I Recommend you to make this Strong Filter Because this affect you later like blocked your page due to contains Racial attack ,and bad words that can hart others.

    • Similar Page Suggestion

    Choose Include SEO Arabian Expert when recommending similar Pages people might like on a Page timeline.the red is my facebook page you will see yours.

    • Replies

    Allow comment it,s increase your pagerank and popularity 

    Where I can Add Keywords in Facebook Page.

    • First pick one Main Keywords and add it in Your Facebook Page Url.
    Read Post : How Can I Change My Facebook Page Name URL To Include My Keyword.
    • From Edit Page Tab,Choose Page Info Tab and Change this.
      • Edit Name : in  this include your Keywords this will appear in your Page under Cover Image, and also in Facebook Search.
      • Category : Choose Category Carefully thats meet your business and page because there is additional info can add depend on your Business Category,this additional info they can Palces to add Extra Keywords in it.
      • Short Descriptions: in this add Short Description for Your Business and Include at least one times your Keywords Short description Must not increase more than 70 - 80 Characters.
      • Company Overview: AS I said Previously If you choose Category Brands & Products and sub is Products and Services this Section will appear,So you can Describ Company and adding Some Valuable Keywords Here.
      • Long Description in this section add all Keywords and every thing Similar and related to your Business.
      • General Information and Mission are Places can you add your keywords.
    • Include Your Keywords in Posts,Comments,sharing.
    Read :What is Keywords and how I get target words?
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