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SEO Crawlable Links Structure

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SEO Crawlable Links Structure

Search Engine Functions Crawlable Links 

As mentioned in previous post, Search Engine does not understand  what  images,flash, java, video contains , So if there is texts in these type of web component Search Engine will not recognize them , and they will be useless for users because will  not appear in search engine,the only way  to be good and exist on search engine by descrip them outside and what they contain you can describe them using helpful tag as title and alt in  images or describe others component down by text also use title tags like(h1,h2,h3,.....).

another problem if you are not linked your site content pages together in good way that you make search engine digging deep in your site,until crawl all page.here the mistakes that made by developer and designer of your site they did not linked all page together.
see the image.
Crawlable link Structure
SEO Crawlable Links Structure

as you see in image ,when search engine crawl you home page ,it found link lead to page B and page D,
but pages C & D there is no link lead to them, and may be they are very important and contain very important  keywords  and info ,but for search engines it's look like not exist,so search engine will not index these pages, so you must connect all web site to gather through linking pages using anchor text .

Here is Step to name Links

  1. Link name should preferably be short and descriptive. It's always good to use same keywords in Link name as well as in page title.
  2. Don't use Link names like service.htm or job.htm. But use actual service name in your file name like computer-Maintaining.htm
  3. Be Sure that Link Name is  too  Short not  more than 3-4 words in Link name and separate them with hyphens(-) rather than(_) underscores. Try to use 2 keywords if possible.

Link Name Example:

Here are some Link names which should be preferred from SEO as well as from user point of view.
Notice that keywords are separated by hyphens (-) rather than underscores (_). Google sees Link names as follows:
seo-relevant-filename as seo relevant filename(good)
But Google,Bing,Yahoo,... sees
seo_relevant_filename as seorelevantfilename (not good)

File Extension:

It should be noticed that .html, .htm and .php and any other extension do NOTHING for your visitors, and they are simply a means of offloading some of the work of configuring your web server properly onto your visitors. In effect you are asking your site visitors to tell your webserver HOW to produce the page, not which one?
Many Webmasters think that its a good idea to use Links without using extension. It may help you but not a whole lot.

URL Subdirectory Name:

  1. Use web page Link name short, simple, descriptive and relevant to page content.
  2. Try to use maximum 3-4 keywords in your Link name and these keywords should be appeared in your web page title as well.
  3. Separate all keywords with hyphen (-) rather than with underscore(_).
  4. Keep your sub directories name as shorter  as possible.
  5. Keep the file size fewer than 101K though because Google chops almost everything above that
Make Sure that your Site has Site Map, because if your pages not connected to  each other by links, as here Previous and Next , Sitemap will sure that all links will crawlable

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