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Primary principles of conducting a search process steps

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Primary principles of conducting a search process steps

Serach engine optimizatio
SEO: Primary principles of conducting a search process steps 

How Search Engine Work?

To be  Professional in Search Site, First you need to understand How Search Engine Work?  read this Post which talking about how search Engine operate?.
Summary about Search Engine mission  is two:
  1. indexing
  2. and given answer.
  • To Give answer search engine need to match your string Phrases in indexed pages. after match it return with pages has highest match that exist in  it database indexes pages.
  • Second Thing if some search engine not return with valuable information, Do Not rely  on one Search Engine, Most people Use Google always and never think in others like bing.actually Bing return valuable information than google if you use  good string  phrases that match their indexes, actually this happen with me i use  the same string phrase with google and bing. after hours of searching with this phrase in google to find answer, i said why i did not try bing, when i  used with bing i found answer. i learn lesson to use both or multiple search sites.

Primary principles of conducting a search process steps :

  1.  Experience is need for answer a solution  .
  2.  Formulate that need in a string of words and phrases, also known as “the query.” ( try to change it if you did not find answer)
  3. Put the query into a search engine( Search Site like google,bing,.....).
  4. Browse through the results for a match.
  5. Click on a result.
  6. Scan for a solution, or a link to that solution.
  7. If unsatisfied, return to the search results and browse for another link or...
  8. Perform a new search with refinements to the query.

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