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SEO How to Success in Search Engine Marketers?

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How to Success in Search Engine Marketers?

How to Success in Search Engine Marketers?
SEO How to Success in Search Engine Marketers?

SEO How to Success in Search Engine Marketers?

Design  and Contents Tips

  1. Design must be Pretty much for human and accepted. 
  2. Text must be Clear .
  3. Titles (H1,H2,H3,....) must be use in Hierarchy .
  4. Unique and Valuable Content.
  5. Key words Related to Content not more than 4-7% of total words.
  6. If Use Adwords make Sure Have list contain Specific Description and detailed not General List.
  7. Images prefer to be on White Background for Products.
  8. Image must Description in alt,Title tag. also add Caption .
  9. Videos and  Flash Games ,Apps also must Description in title and alt also description in text under these content.

Follow UP updates in Algorithms used by Search Engine.

new in Panda Algorithm from Google. Previous Google Focus in top rank page now this Focus Decrease Tragedy , Because a lot of  WebSite use Traffic Site Exchange and backlinks So they get top rank higher and this effect real valuable site, these site who get top rank fast most of them contain weak and unvaluable
content So google put their focus in content is good for human and search engine and contain valuable information, That Searcher really looking for it.

Add Links from Your Site and other Site.

Adding Links to refer other pages from your Site or others, very important note when adding links from other site make sure these site are trusted not contain content harm your reputation like (refer to page contain adult contents or virus or with low rank).

Use Social Network

add button that make follow your page easy or share page or comments by using social network.
now search engine digg in social network because it's became rich in info and most people spend their time on Social Networks.


Make Sure your Site is Indexed by adding it to search engine using webmaster Tools. also make sure your site has map.xml because this help search engine to index your site very fast. also you can use it  to create rss feed  news.

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