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SEO How Search Engine Work or Operate? part2

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SEO  How Search Engine Work or Operate? part 2

How Search Engine Work or Operate? كيف يعمل محرك البحث؟  part 2 الجزء الثاني؟ SEO
SEO  How Search Engine Work or Operate? 

Providing answers   or Giving answers?

Second Important job of Search Engine is Providing answers to users. and this occurs by using first function crawling billions of Web Pages ,when somebody looking for anything in search  engine ,it return billions of result as answer but arrange according to relevant (the Web Page that contain the same question),second arrange according to rank from important to useless.

Relevance means more than simply finding a page with the right words. In the early days of the web, search engines didn't go much further than this simplistic step, and their results suffered as a consequence. So, through evolution, smart engineers at the engines devised better ways to find valuable results that searchers(users) would appreciate and enjoy. Today, 100s of factors influence relevance.......

How Do Search Engines Determine Importance ?

Search engine determine what is important according to document or page is popular,which mean it,s was visited by people more than others and so on,also using Rank factors Like use data structured,title,url,....
 see these Factors.


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